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Please find below all the resources you need to promote ThinkFast: How to Increase Your IQ. They include, Banners and Graphics, sample email sales letters and sampel tweets. If you have any queries or would like any more information drop us an email at:


Banners and Graphics


Sample Sales Letter for Mailing to Your List

Email 1

Hi {insert name}

What if you could discover a set of simple exercises...
... Exercises that were scientifically proven to INCREASE your intelligence.

Would YOU be interested?

Over the past twenty years, ground-breaking neuroscience research has made discoveries which are overturning the traditional view that your IQ is fixed by the time you reach your early twenties.

Now you can take advantage of their research and use the exercises developed to increase your intelligence.

And you can do this from just 20 minutes a day.

Just stop for a moment and imagine sitting down to exercise your brain for just a few minutes a day...

... And watching your IQ skyrocket to GENIUS levels - in just WEEKS?

Get ahead of the game and discover How to Increase Your IQ today (Make this text your Hoplink)

All the best

{Insert Your Name}

Email 2

Hi {insert name}

Do you wish you were more intelligent? ...Why?.....Are there even any benefits to having a higher IQ?

Did you know that according to a 2007 research paper by Jay Zagorski published in the Journal 'Intelligence', having a higher IQ means you are more likely to earn a higher income?

You probably did know, that having a higher IQ makes it easier to pass exams and get academic success, but problem solving isn't just for exam papers. Complex problems are also common in the business world and being able to solve them puts you a step ahead of your competitors.

How about this? When people are surveyed on their perceptions of other people, participants continually rank perceiving someone as being intelligent as one of the key factors in determining whether they would respect and look up to them.

So why is it you want to be more intelligent?

Would you like to be able to solve problems faster?

Do you want to have flashes of inspiration and more creative ideas?

Do you want to be respected and have people look up to you?

Do you want business success and to earn a bigger income?

Whatever your reason for choosing to become more intelligent, you can achieve this from just 20 minutes per day.

Think Fast and discover How to Increase Your IQ today (Make this text your Hoplink)

Thanks for reading

{Your Name}

Email 3

Hi {insert name}

Let me tell you a know how everyone has always said it isn't possible to improve your’s a lie.

Well maybe not a lie, up until the last few years the vast majority of the scientific world actually believed it. They thought that your IQ was largely determined by your genetics, and although hit could be influenced by a stimulating environment while you were growing up, by the time you reached adulthood it was locked into place only to gradually decline with age.

Fortunately we now know that isn't the case, pioneering neuroscience research from the last 15-20 years has proven it is possible to increase your IQ, no matter what your age.

This remarkable feature of the human brain is known as neuroplasticity. Its discovery showed that the brain will continually adapt and reconfigure itself to the demands placed upon it.

Now you can take advantage of the techniques uncovered by this cutting edge research.

And now is the time to act! Over the next few years as more research is completed and becomes more widely publicised, more and more people will start to use these techniques and improve their intelligence. By thinking fast you can get ahead of the game.

Become the smartest person you know by starting to improve your IQ today.

How to Increase Your IQ (Make this text your Hoplink)

All the best

{Your Name}



Ready to go Tweets

Twitter can be a great tool for reaching a wider audience, below are some ready to go tweets, just insert your hoplink and send!

Discover how to improve your IQ with exercises based on real neuroscience research Insert Hoplink #HowToIncreaseIQ

Do you want to be smarter tomorrow than you are today? Discover how at Insert Hoplink

Neuroscience research proves intelligence Is not fixed, you can improve your IQ Insert Hoplink

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